Hinder discography

2005 - Extreme Behavior
117 mb | 320 kbps
01. Get Stoned
02. How Long
03. By The Way
04. Nothin' Good About Goodbye
05. Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)
06. Better Than Me
07. Room 21
08. Lips Of An Angel
09. Homecoming Queen
10. Shoulda
11. Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf Cover) (VBR)
12. Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi Cover)
13. Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money Cover)

2008 -Take It To The Limit
115 mb | 320 kbps
01. Use Me 3:49
02. Loaded & Alone 4:06
03. Last Kiss Goodbye 3:48
04. Up All Night 3:33
05. Without You 3:52
06. Take It To The Limit (Feat. Mick Mars of Motley Crue) 3:11
07. The Best Is Yet To Come 3:22
08. Heaven Sent 3:41
09. Thing For You 3:59
10. Lost In The Sun 3:52
11. Far From Home 4:03
12. Thunderstruck (AC-DC Cover)
13. Heartless (192)
14. One Night Stand (192)

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Hinder - Extreme Behavior (2005)

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1. Get Stoned
2. How Long
3. By the Way
4. Nothin' Good About Goodbye
5. Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)
6. Better Than Me
7. Room 21
8. Lips of an Angel
9. Homecoming Queen
10. Shoulda



hey petric, I've been wondering where you went. Welcome back.
he has been banned previously, now he's back under new nick wink.gif
COLD, You broke me from the very first night,
I'd love You 'til the day that I die,
I'm far too comfortable this time...
COLD, I love You from the very first night,
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time...
I did not perceive because I was banned...

Friends...I am contented for being in return to this community...
на што пахоже?
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это альбом расслабляющий. Спокойная музыка.
знач стоит качнуть-)
It 's a great band ..with nice Sound.

Just Try this.

It remind me of a band like Nickelback and Creed. thumb.gif
yeah man these dude's are pretty good. loved their first single "Get Stoned"
rest seems pretty good so far (currently listening to it =P).
great links petric

I'll give em a try. Thanks for the post.
Very nice, thank you! thumb.gif

tracklist says there's an 11th song called "Running In The Rain"... anyone got it, please?
the only constant is change...

картинка, оставленная пользователем
just noticed that, too...
there's one song (the last one), "Running in the Rain", unsure.gif

Would sumone re-upload this album on other website instead of rapidshare cuz it doesn't work with me at all.. :-| Plz
and could someone post song number 11 its missin from this one.
Currently Looking For:
Supe - 2009 ep
Fade - Japanese Band www.myspace.com/fadedivision1

Pm if you have these thank you

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